Quality of Life

The Vision

Utah’s Transportation Vision is a process to collaborate with partnering agencies in order to establish a shared vision for transportation statewide. 

 Quality of Life Framework


In the 2018 legislative session, with the recommendation of the Transportation Governance and Funding Task Force, lawmakers passed a comprehensive transportation bill that addressed funding mechanisms and transportation oversight to continue integrated, long-term planning. SB 136 directed the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to develop statewide strategic initiatives across all modes of transportation. 

Stakeholder Committee

The Utah Department of Transportation asked the governor to help convene a stakeholder committee from governmental agencies, transportation partners and related stakeholders for input and discussion.  This committee helped define the statewide transportation vision as a Pathway to Quality of Life. 


While implementation of the Framework resides with individual agencies, the Quality of Life Framework provides guidance for statewide, regional and area-specific planning and policies for aligned transportation action at local, regional and state levels. 


Executive Report 

9536_4_UDOT_Facilitation_Quality_of_Life_11x8.5 (1).pdf